Saturday, November 03, 2007

Audi A 4 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

The Audi A 4 carbon fiber dash kit from Simon Wood Dash has a reputation that is well known among the A4 crowd. These young car enthusiast are unique in there knowledge about motor vehicles especially European car manufactures that rival the best automotive journalist. Most Audi A4 owners are first time owners to the luxury car line and want to absorb as much information from the luxury sport sedan. They will meet in forums and join car clubs before they even by the car. Yes that right I found several car club members who told me this exact thing. They wanted to make sure that they where buying a quality automobile since they were planning to keep it for a fairly long time, about seven to ten years that is almost double the years of an average car owner. I heard this and was amazed about how much knowledge and research that these Audi A 4 lovers had for there automobiles. Another reason was the purchase price of the car was a little steep compared to it counter parts.

This is why when it came down to buying Audi A4 accessories for this entry level luxury car it was imperative to give them high quality accessories at an affordable price. The Simon Wood Dash company has made every effort to make an aftermarket OEM dash trim kit for this road hugging luxury sports sedan on wheels. The Audi A4 carbon fiber dash kit is the most demanding interior upgrade that SWD has had in years, car dealers from all over the planet call and get this interior upgrade for there car because it looks better the the factory kit. This simulated carbon fiber dash kit absolutely shines over its competitors and you know it quality is second to none since it came out of the stables of Simon Wood Dash.

Yocar has these dash kits ready to roll out the door. So if your ready to buy one of the works of art for your Audi A4 interior then call or place your order over the web.

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