Sunday, November 25, 2007

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Piano Black Dash Kit.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport custom piano black dash kit is truly a master piece of art for the interior of this luxury SUV. The hand crafted piano black dash kit has six coats of high gloss urethane that is color-sanded and buffed to perfection. The rich deep shine stands out a speaks luxury in comparison to all the other aftermarket accessories. This factory core replacement dash kit is custom hand made from Simon Wood Dash in the United States in Orange County, California.

Simon Wood Dash has built and designed hundreds in not thousand of custom wood grain dash kit and carbon fiber dash kits over the last twenty five years, but this new Range Rover Piano Black Dash Kit has been touted to be a work of art from a local auto dealer. They called it jewelry for you car. The pure simplicity of the lustrous black outlines the interior details that would have been unnoticed before. The matching upgraded factory sport steering wheel custom hand stitched leather with a beautiful gloss finish is just enough to complete the the elegant cabin with feeling of serenity.

When looking for Range Rover Sport accessories you don't have to look far. has the exclusive distribution right for the Simon Wood Dash line of products and can custom build you anything that your hart and pocket book desires. So if you deserved to be pampered and want a little something-something then the only choice in the world is to buy a piece of jewelry for you car. The Range Rover Sport luxury car accessory.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Audi A 4 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

The Audi A 4 carbon fiber dash kit from Simon Wood Dash has a reputation that is well known among the A4 crowd. These young car enthusiast are unique in there knowledge about motor vehicles especially European car manufactures that rival the best automotive journalist. Most Audi A4 owners are first time owners to the luxury car line and want to absorb as much information from the luxury sport sedan. They will meet in forums and join car clubs before they even by the car. Yes that right I found several car club members who told me this exact thing. They wanted to make sure that they where buying a quality automobile since they were planning to keep it for a fairly long time, about seven to ten years that is almost double the years of an average car owner. I heard this and was amazed about how much knowledge and research that these Audi A 4 lovers had for there automobiles. Another reason was the purchase price of the car was a little steep compared to it counter parts.

This is why when it came down to buying Audi A4 accessories for this entry level luxury car it was imperative to give them high quality accessories at an affordable price. The Simon Wood Dash company has made every effort to make an aftermarket OEM dash trim kit for this road hugging luxury sports sedan on wheels. The Audi A4 carbon fiber dash kit is the most demanding interior upgrade that SWD has had in years, car dealers from all over the planet call and get this interior upgrade for there car because it looks better the the factory kit. This simulated carbon fiber dash kit absolutely shines over its competitors and you know it quality is second to none since it came out of the stables of Simon Wood Dash.

Yocar has these dash kits ready to roll out the door. So if your ready to buy one of the works of art for your Audi A4 interior then call or place your order over the web.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Subaru Tribeca Wood Grain Dash Kit

The Subaru Tribeca Wood Grain Dash Kit from Simon Wood Dash is a definite head turner for sure. This thirteen piece factory OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts are true factory core replacement dash board trim. The exotic custom wood grain dash is Simon's most popular production color California medium burl. The current fitments years for the B9 Tribeca is from 2006 - 2008. You can also custom order the hand crafted simulated wood stain colors in light burl, Zebrano, Carbon Fiber and the worlds famous Piano Black. These are just a few of the personalized interior color that you can choose from.

Lets talk a little about the rich finish of the deep luster wood grain mirror that I like to call it. The high gloss urethane coating glistens and shines unlike any other wood dash kit on the market. It is special blended to Simon Wood Dash requirements and is a top secret blend that keeps your interior looking like new for years to come. Of course I am assuming that you take care of your car.

The Subaru Tribeca wood dash kit is a must if you really are a true Subaru enthusiast. There is no doubt that when you see the difference that it makes in the interior and how it enhance the other cabin features you will be glad that you had this custom made dash trim design and personalized by you for your car for every passenger to enjoy as much as you do.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

2008 Chevrolet Silverado Wood Dash Kit

The 2008 Chevy Silverado wood dash kit is awesome. There are now words that can describe it better than that. The Simon Wood Dash factory OEM core replacement dash kit is truly a must interior upgrade for your new truck. I spend a lot of time driving for my job and I want to have my interior cabin space to be unique and nice and this wood grain dash trim takes care of both. The deep medium burl pattern enhances the dashboard gauges and bezels turning the truck into my own personal blend of style and luxury. When someone new hops in my vehicle they all say something about my Chevy Silverado wood dash kit and all of them are positive comment of course. I am saving up to get the matching wood grain Silverado steering wheel to add a touch of class.

As for aftermarket wood dash kits go I researched on the Internet for weeks before I was sent to Simon Wood Dash which sent me to the site where they exclusively sells these factory core replacement simulated wood grain dash kits. They can make just about any exotic wood dash kit or anything you can imagine. It only takes money to create some of the most unique or elegant dash kits on the market today. So if your won of those guys like myself who wants to personalize your trucks interior then go ahead and get this dashboard trim.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2008 Nissan Pathfinder Wood Grain Dash Kit

Wood Grain Dash Kits available now for the New 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder wood grain dash kit adds a unique interior upgrade for the mid size SUV. The interior upholstery looks like an early design of an off color of battleship grey. The bland cabin inside the sport utility vehicle needed to be customized by one of the best aftermarket wood dash companies on the planet "Simon Wood Dash"made this custom automotive interior pop out to ad the look of luxury.

This car accessory interior upgrade is pleasing to anyone's eyes who drives this vehicle on a daily bases. Many Nissan Pathfinder accessories find themselves to be a mediocre upgrade at best, but not this one. This is a factory OEM replacement dash trim set. This means that they take the factory plastic parts out of the vehicle and replace them with new custom fabricated parts. The process takes about seven working days to get the wood grain coating with four deep layers of clear coat. The depth in the high gloss finish is rich in color and makes your SUV interior look like a high line vehicle that you spent 100K on.

This 22 piece Nissan Pathfinder wood grain dash kit is truly one of a kind and comes in many wood grain colors. California burlwood, light burl wood, Zebrano, Blackwood are the most popular for the mid size SUV market but there are more luxurious interior colors that can be custom made such as piano black which looks like 50 coats of black lacquer or carbon fiber for a more sportier feel.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Infiniti G35 Spoiler 2007 Sedan

The 2007 Infiniti G35 Spoiler for the redesign sedan fits perfect on the rear deck lid. This G35 car spoiler is a aftermarket factory replica made from high grade blow mold ABS automotive plastic. It is made to order and comes in all the factory colors. This custom spoiler comes with the third brake light notched out and laminated in the rear center of the spoiler for a custom fit. Infiniti has a limited production of these spoilers that mainly come on the G35S models and cannot be ordered from the parts department at this time. has made special arraignment for members of car accessory secrets web site. They will receive a $595 discount when they sign up with the Car Accessory Secret site and tell 3 friends about the Car Accessory Secrets Site and Yocar site. This is an amazing special offer made for only the people who want to get big discounts on high quality car accessories. Other Infiniti G35 Sedan Accessories are available at members pricing only while supplies last.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wood Grain Dash Kits that fit like a Glove.

Simon wood dash kits make your new car even more spectacular with there new factory OEM dash kits. These new interior car accessories for high-end vehicles like a Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban or Hummer H2 are leading the way for interior upgrade enhancements that make any vehicles interior look luxurious.

The traditional wood dash kits arrived with the horse and buggy from early times. The horseless buggy started to be the vehicle of the well to do affluent aristocrats of the early century. The early vehicle where made from wood before iron and steel where adapted and coach builders started to recognize that people where willing to pay for luxury, especially the interiors. Brass and chrome pedals and gauges with matching brake levers and steering wheels with stitched and stretched leather seating where among the first car accessories ever created.

By the mid century luxury dashboards started to take shape as many European car manufactures started to use exotic wood dash trim to make the dash boards of yester year a standard in today luxury cars, truck and SUV's vehicles. The hand crafted workmanship and detail was extraordinary compared to the new plastic simulated wood grain dash kits that come from OEM car manufactures today. The truth is evolution for the new car manufactures. They don't want to make the top selling cars and trucks have the old time luxury and hand sculpted wood grain dash kits because it's not affordable to the high volume vehicles. Plastic dashboards with simulated woodgrain can pass for average Joe.

Simon Wood grain dash kits are not for the average Joe. They are limited in production and made out of new polymers and urethanes that stand up to the most classic wood dash kits ever made. If you ever need a custom made wood grain dash for vehicle then these are the guys you need to make it for you plain and simple.

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