Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wood Grain Dash Kits that fit like a Glove.

Simon wood dash kits make your new car even more spectacular with there new factory OEM dash kits. These new interior car accessories for high-end vehicles like a Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban or Hummer H2 are leading the way for interior upgrade enhancements that make any vehicles interior look luxurious.

The traditional wood dash kits arrived with the horse and buggy from early times. The horseless buggy started to be the vehicle of the well to do affluent aristocrats of the early century. The early vehicle where made from wood before iron and steel where adapted and coach builders started to recognize that people where willing to pay for luxury, especially the interiors. Brass and chrome pedals and gauges with matching brake levers and steering wheels with stitched and stretched leather seating where among the first car accessories ever created.

By the mid century luxury dashboards started to take shape as many European car manufactures started to use exotic wood dash trim to make the dash boards of yester year a standard in today luxury cars, truck and SUV's vehicles. The hand crafted workmanship and detail was extraordinary compared to the new plastic simulated wood grain dash kits that come from OEM car manufactures today. The truth is evolution for the new car manufactures. They don't want to make the top selling cars and trucks have the old time luxury and hand sculpted wood grain dash kits because it's not affordable to the high volume vehicles. Plastic dashboards with simulated woodgrain can pass for average Joe.

Simon Wood grain dash kits are not for the average Joe. They are limited in production and made out of new polymers and urethanes that stand up to the most classic wood dash kits ever made. If you ever need a custom made wood grain dash for vehicle then these are the guys you need to make it for you plain and simple.

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